My TOP 5 pappaperm activities in Oslo (english)

Do you live in Oslo ? Are you soon or already are in paternity leave? Here are some experience based tips that can facilitate your time.

It is important for me to mention that the below content is not sponsored. 

#0 Download Oslo Barseltid app

As a starting point, download the app « Oslo barseltid » (40 NOK investment). The App is developed by Thor & Elisabeth, two friends that experienced parental leave in Oslo. It gathers all baby friendly activities (tour, café, guided museum tours with baby, baby swimming etc.) that happens around you. Geo-locally based, it tells you : « At 2 pm, 571 meter from where you are, you can try babysinging ». 100% match, better than Tinder!



#1 Trilletur with DNT

If you need fresh air because your baby makes you tired, try the « trilletur » with DNT. Every Wednesday, you go for a 2-3 hours walk in the woods. The tour is organized by adorable volunteers that know the best way to walk with strollers. We are a dozens of parents with the majority of women, but fathers are not rare. Of course, « babies » are the number one topic, but feel free to talk about football if you want. If you are lucky, you meet some dads interested in going to a pub downtown later on. On Wednesdays it is often Champion’s League and this year PSG will win.


#2 Åpent Barnehage : a classic

Instead of being bored home alone, you can be bored with other parents (French humour, sorry) I really like åpent barnehage. It is excellent to prepare your child for day care. Babies play together while you watch them. There are lots of toys and the kitchen is a friendly place to talk. I went often to the Grünerløkka Åpent barnehage and met very nice fathers there. One of my favorite barnehage is Disen Gård :  free entrance, stylish, outdoor possibilities, different rooms and a laid back atmosphere. (open every day)



#3 :  Babyomvisning in Museums : Astrup Fearnly

One of the advantages of paternity leave is to (re)discover Oslo museums in a relatively « quiet » time frame. No queue, no rush. Babies are surprisingly calm. You can try the « bæresjal » but I have always preferred the stroller. I recommend Astrup Fearnly (babytour at 2 pm every Friday). Tours last 40 minutes. The museum is large, modern art is colorful and the guide was amazing! It costs 50 NOK extra for the baby tour. It is worths it!


#4 : Baby swimming with one friend

If you think your baby needs to exercise, (and maybe you as well?) try the baby swimming. No need to attend a class, take the baby with you and equally important an Up&Go diaper, and something to play with.  It is easier to go with another parent on leave. Or even better, a reliable friend that can take care of your kid in the « barnebasseng » while you exercise 15 minutes in the « voksenbasseng ». Afterwards your baby will take a long nap, perfect to read, update your instagram or check if french government will finally give more than 10 days pappaperm. (It will never, will it?). Tøyenbadet is my favourite because it also have an outdoor barnebasseng. (100 NOK entrance, 30 Nok extra if you forget the « up & Go diaper ». This I did very often)


#5 : Baby Yoga : Yes You Can!

Probably « too cliché » for most dads, but for me it turned out to be a very good surprise. You learn good techniques, one of the best is the « buddha swing » that I always use when my baby starts crying.  I recommend Yogalab. They arrange « ad hoc » a class for you and your friends.


Other activities :

  • Barselbuldring organized by DNT. If it is raining a tuesday morning. 12 am.
  • Babykino : this is really a random experienced. I can be waste of money if babies are crying all the time. If you like to take risks, try!
  • Baby singing in church : too full to be cool? OK it is very popular, but I felt sometimes overcrowded.
  • Babyfood at Geitmura. They arrange class to learn good meal that you can prepare for your baby…. and for yourself.

More ideas? Feel free to comment.

And never forget : « To enjoy pappaperm you should think of two persons : your baby and yourself. In this order 😉 « 


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